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The SeaMarsh Group, Inc. (SMGi) was incorporated at Amelia Island, Florida in December 2009 as a management consulting and training solutions company. SMGi maintains its corporate headquarters on Amelia Island, FL and has its business office in Alexandria, VA.

Bill DePuy serves as President of SMGi and Pat DePuy serves as Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. 

SMGi was founded with two specific goals in mind. First, we wanted a limited, highly personalized business venue through which Bill could continue to leverage the managerial expertise and experience he has gained over a demonstrably successful professional career – this constitutes the management consulting component of SMGi’s business. Second, recognizing the growing importance of general and specialized skills training to changing 21st century workforce demands, we wanted SMGi to focus specifically on the evolving needs of commercial clients with proprietary intellectual property-based corporate training requirements – this constitutes the training solutions component of SMGi’s business. 

Since 2010, SMGi has provided strategic advice and management consulting services to: Definitive Logic Corporation, Arlington, VA; L&Q International, Alexandria, VA; WGS Systems, LLC, Frederick, MD; and several other small companies. SMGi has also helped to establish commercial training centers in Florida and in Virginia. In addition, Bill currently serves on the Board of Directors of Special Applications Group, LLC, (SAG), Tampa, FL; and as a member of the President’s Board of Advisors for Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc., (TSSi), Harrisonburg, VA. 

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